My Country Report

Disney Geography: Mexico

Disney Geography: China

Disney Geography: United Kingdom

Disney Geography: Morocco


4 thoughts on “Geography

  1. HI, I love the look of your country studies, especially the youtube links. Are you planning these out yourself, one country at a time? Can you tell me why you have called it ‘Disney World Geography’? What is the reference to Disney about? The movies that go with each unit or something more? Many thanks.

    • Hello! Yes, I am planning each country as I go. I named it Disney World Geography because I am planning it around the 11 countries featured at Epcot. After we do our country study, we take a trip to Epcot and visit that country. They have cultural activities there and we buy souvenirs to remind us of our studies. We also watch Disney movies that are based in the country we are studying. The unit studies are not affiliated with Disney in any way. We just love Disney so much that I thought learning about countries using Disney would catch my kids attention and make learning fun!

    • Hello! There is no grade level for my geography lesson plans. I made them for my son who is in 3rd grade, but my daughter who is in Kindergarten follows along at her own pace. It just depends on your child and what you think they could handle and like 🙂

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